Dinuk Wijeratne
With: Kinan Azmeh, clarinet; Mark Adam,
Ken Shorley, percussion; Nova Scotia Youth Orchestra
Chamber Ensemble; Dinuk Wijeratne, piano
Special Guest: Kathaka — the Storyteller: Indian Classical Dance solo by Kasturi Mishra accompanied on Tabla by Ravi S.K. Singh
  WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 13, 2010 | 19:30 h

Prismatic Qawwali Party is an acclaimed composition by one of Halifax’s most innovative musicians,
Dinuk Wijeratne, reflecting his fascination for influences as diverse as Sufi devotional music, Nusrat Khan,
and even American Minimalism. This extended, semi-improvised piece heavily features Dinuk's musical
collaborator Kinan Azmeh, accompanied by percussionists Mark Adam and Ken Shorley, the Chamber
Ensemble of the NSYO, and the composer himself on piano.
  Ravi Shankar Kuar Singh
  Ravi began his studies in Tabla with Smt. Hem Mathur in 1993, at the India School of Dance Music and
Theatre in Winnipeg, Canada. An exceptional classical vocalist and graduate of the Bhatkande School of
Music, Smt. Mathur trained Ravi in the complex systems of taals, accompaniment, and composition
solidifying within Ravi a firm foundational knowledge of the Tabla. In 1999 he graduated with the equivalent
of a 3-year Bachelor’s in Music specializing in the Tabla from the India School of Dance, Music and
theatre, and took on the role of teacher, and music department representative within that organization.

In 2003 Ravi Singh was awarded the Senior Arts Fellowship from the Shastri-Indo Canadian Institute to
study in India. Ravi began his studies in India under the guidance of famed tabla maestro, Pandit Kumar
Bose. A living legend, Pt. Bose is one of the most dynamic and influential classical Tabla players of today.
The standard torch bearer for the Benaras tabla Gharana, Pt. Bose was trained under the great Benaras
Maestro, Pt. Kishen Maharaj.

  Kasturi Mishra
  Born into a family of renowned Indian classical artists, Kasturi Mishra, has emerged as one of India’s
most enthralling and expressive Kathak dancers in her generation. Kasturi began her training under the
guidance of her father Pt. Bachan Lal Mishra, himself a distinguished Kathak artist and a learned dance
guru of India. Trained in both major schools of Kathak, Kasturi skillfully exemplifies the elegant and soft
components of the Lucknow school as well as the vibrant and commanding rhythms of the Jaipur school.
Her training also focused on the traditional Kathak solo, which requires the dancer to perform without any
prior rehearsal with instrumentalists and percussionists and to improvise rhythms, compositions, and

Throughout her dance career Kasturi has especially been influenced and inspired by her Guru and Uncle,
Pt. Chitresh Das, a master and virtuosic performer of classical Kathak dance. A committed guru, Pt. Das
has repeatedly inspired the world of Kathak with his innovations within this traditional art form. Since
moving to Canada in 2007, Kasturi has performed solo concerts to sold out audiences in Ottawa, Winnipeg,
Montreal and Halifax.
  Nova Scotia Youth Orchestra Chamber Ensemble
  Adrienne Richey - flute
Heemin Choi - violin
Lee Yuen-Rapati - violin
Matt Richard - trumpet
Mishona Frost - french horn
Laura Chan - trombone
Lauren Park - alto saxophone
Ian Christian - double bass

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