Shauntay Grant & Friends
  THURSDAY OCTOBER 14, 2010 | 21:00 h / FRIDAY 15 | 21:00 h
  Shauntay Grant
  Shauntay Grant is an award-winning writer, spoken word performer, broadcast journalist and musician.
She is Halifax's third Poet Laureate (2009/10), and she has shared her blend of poetry and music internationally
at festivals and events. Shauntay regularly conducts arts workshops and performances for youth,
creating opportunities for youth to develop their talents through the literary and performing arts. Her
original works of poetry and music have been featured nationally on radio and television, and in several of
anthologies. Her first children’s book, called Up Home, was released in June 2008 (Nimbus Publishing)
and won her a 2009 Atlantic Book Award for Best Atlantic Published Book. Up Home is also shortlisted for
the 2010 Hackmatack Children's Choice Book Awards. Her second children’s book, called The City
Speaks In Drums
, will be released in May 2010 (Nimbus Publishing).

Shauntay has developed and contributed to several programs that foster meaningful exchange between
artists, and promote the range of talent in our diverse communities. She currently co-curates the Atlantic
Jazz Festival’s Words + Music series. And she is the host of All the Best, a music program that airs
weekly on CBC Radio One in the Maritimes.

  Desiree Adams
  Once Jr. high came along, I had a lot to say and even though it was a vent for me, and often in tone, others
seemed to relate and receive it well. So, I have always kept to my writing whether I wanted to forget or not.
Spoken word found me through Shauntay Grant and David Zink. Zink was my high school drama teacher and is still
a friend and mentor of mine, and introduced me to writer/spoken word artist Shauntay Grant who was holding a
workshop for us. I was then discovering the many forms of spoken word and performance poetry. Since then,
I have been performing whenever and wherever I can, and enjoy hearing others just as much as I like taking the mic.

  Native Son
  Marvin Trimm a.k.a. (Native Son) has been involved in literary and performance art for many years. He is a poet,
writer, spoken word artist, motivational speaker, storyteller, musician, fine artist and performance artist. Native Son
has performed all over the world from the Caribbean, Canada, Europe and the United States. A native of the small
island of Bermuda, Native Son describes his poetic literary speech as spontaneously truthful. A self pro-claimed
Empowerment Poet, he often writes about self-development, self-awareness and self-improvement. Native Son
combines history, social, political issues to enlighten and bring fresh new perspectives about the world we live in.

He is working on his first book titled When Heaven Cried a collection of spoken word pieces, poetry and quotes.
Native is also writing a new one man show and cd release called The Native Son Experience. “Life is a great motivator
and has influenced my every thought. It’s my passion! So I must write, so I must speak,” says the poet.

  Zaccheus Jackson
  Raised by wolves since birth, Zaccheus Jackson came of age on the streets of Western Canada. Having battled
through addiction, apathy and a nasty case of 'Virgo' - Zaccheus has twice been honoured to represent Vancouver
and Western Canada at the Individual World Poetry Slam, placing 26th in 2010. Usually infusing rapid-fire delivery,
gritty street tales, intricate rhyme patterns and social criticism, this "East Van ghetto poet" will leave you
counting syllables in your sleep.

  Donna-Michelle St. Bernard
  Donna-Michelle is a wordsmith working in hip-hop, spoken word, theatre and interdisciplinary creation.
She is General Manager of Native Earth Performing Arts and Artistic Director of New Harlem Productions.

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